Table of Contents

Biomimetic mineralization and mesocrystals / An-Wu Xu.
Artificial fossilization process : a shortcut to nanostructured materials from natural substances / Jianguo Huang.
Nano-fabricated structures for biomolecule analysis / Noritada Kaji [and others].
Bionic superhydrophobic surfaces based on colloidal crystal techniques / Yue Li [and others].
Biologically targeted nanoparticles as cancer therapeutics / Andrew Z. Wang, Aleksandar F. Radovic-Moreno and Omid C. Farokhzad.
Nanomaterials : biopolymer-assisted green synthesis / Shuyan Gao.
Lithographically-structured, biologically-inspired, gripping devices / Charles Chin, Timothy G. Leong and David H. Gracias.
Protein engineering tools for interfacing proteins and solid supports with exquisite chemical control / Julio A. Camarero.
Bacilli, green algae, diatoms and red blood cells : how nanobiotechnological research inspires architecture / I.C. Gebeshuber [and others].
Preparation and application of bio-inspired colloidal systems / Aimin Yu, Ian R. Gentle and Gao Qing Lu.
Biopolyelectrolyte multilayer microshells : assembly, property and application / Xia Tao and Yan-Zhen Zheng.