Table of Contents

Primary care roots.
The new GPs, the family physician comes of age.
Eugene McGregor, M.D., a legacy of general practice.
Connie Adler, M.D., living rural medicine.
Neil Calman, M.D., urban warrior.
Roots rediscovered, the internist and the pediatrician as generalists.
Beach Conger, M.D., caretaker and contrartian.
Linda Headrick, M.D., seeking a common language in primary care.
Selma Deitch, M.D., M.P.H., children first.
The new clinicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.
Therese Hidalgo, R.N., F.N.P., proud to be a nurse.
Carl Toney, P.A., building a new profession.
Holly Gerlaugh, F.N.P./P.A.-C., a one woman merger.
The system doctors, managed care and primary care.
Sam Ho, M.D., idealist, innovator, entrepreneur.
Sallyann Bowman, M.D., a Philadelphia story.
Gwen Wagstrom Halaas, M.D., M.B.A., evidence based doctoring.
The quixote factor, generalists doing special battle.
William Kapla, M.D., life and death in San Francisco.
Barbara Ross-Lee, D.O., ground breaker.
Janelle Goetcheus, M.D., doctor succor.
Building a better future, the case for primary care.