Table of Contents

Autoimmunity and Female Infertility: Fact vs. Fiction.
Minimal Stimulation IVF.
Current Understanding of Anti-Müllerian Hormone.
The Role of Obesity in Reproduction.
Endometrial Receptivity in Natural and Controlled Ovarian-Stimulated Cycles.
Current Understanding of Mullerian-Inhibiting Substance.
Evidence-Based Use of Progesterone During IVF.
Monozygotic Twinning and Perinatal Outcomes.
Multiple Pregnancy Vanishing Twin Syndrome.
The Effect of Cancer Therapies on Sperm: Current Guidelines.
Environmental Insults on Spermatogenesis.
Sperm DNA Damage: Causes and Guidelines for Current Clinical Practice.
The Emerging Role of the Sperm Epigenome and its Potential Role in Development.
ART and Epigenetic Disorders: Should We Be Concerned?.
Novel Approaches of Sperm Selection for ART: The Role of Objective Biochemical Markers of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Integrity and Sperm Function.
The Role of the Oocyte in Remodeling of Male Chromatin and DNA Repair: Are Events During the Zygotic Cell Cycle of Relevance to ART?.
Proteomic/Metabolomic Analysis of Embryos: Current Status for Use in ART.
Ultrasound-Guided Embryo Transfer.
IMSI as a Valuable Tool for Sperm Selection During ART.
Thoughts on IMSI.