Table of Contents

Expressives and beyond: an introduction to varieties of use-conditional meaning.
/ Daniel Gutzmann.
German Non-inflectional Constructions as Separate Performatives / Sebastian Bucking and Jennifer Rau.
Modal Particles And Context Shift / Sophia Doring.
Discourse Particles, Common Ground, and Felicity Conditions / Markus Egg.
I Love Me Some Datives: Expressive Meaning, Free Datives, and F-.
Implicature / Laurence R. Horn.
Good Reasons / Eric Mccready And Yohei Takahashi.
Common Ground Management: Modal Particles, Illocutionary Negation and Verum / Sophie Repp.
Biased Polar Questions In English And Japanese / Yasutada Sudo.
Expressing Surprise By Particles / Henk Zeevat.