Table of Contents

Introduction : Reading Räisänen's biblical criticism in context.
From Riccoldo to Reimarus to Räisänen.
A panorama of natural theology : the chain of interpretation.
In the shadow of Weber : religion as culture, culture as religion.
It is all signs : reading poststructuralism.
Räisänen's Wolfenbüttelian turn : dissolving the old Systema.
The debate over New Testament theology.
A chain of interpretation or a semiotic cathedral?.
The rise of Christian beliefs.
From Quran criticism to sociological reductionism.
Conclusion : chains of interpretation. Reading Heikki Räisänen's hermeneutics in context, Timo Eskola explores the development of Western New Testament interpretation. Proposing sociology as the link between standard historicism and poststructuralism, Räisänen reinterprets the sociology of knowledge. He substitutes sacralized culturalism for biblical theology.