Table of Contents

1. Abstraction and the Berkeleyan philosophy of mathematics.
2. Berkeley's new foundations for geometry.
3. Berkeley's new foundations for arithmetic.
4. Berkeley and the calculus : the background.
5. Berkeley and the calculus : writings before the "Analyst".
6. Berkeley and the calculus : the "Analyst".
7. The aftermath of the "Analyst." "In this first modern, critical assessment of the place of mathematics in Berkeley's philosophy and Berkeley's place in the history of mathematics, Douglas M. Jesseph provides a bold reinterpretation of Berkeley's work. Jesseph challenges the prevailing view that Berkeley's mathematical writings are peripheral to his philosophy and argues that mathematics is in fact central to his thought, developing out of his critique of abstraction. Jesseph's argument situates Berkeley's ideas within the larger historical and intellectual context of the Scientific Revolution."--Resource description p.