Table of Contents

Introduction / Bastiaan T. Rutjens and Mark J. Brandt.
What is right is right : a three-part account of how ideology shapes factual belief / Megan M. Ringel, Cristian G. Rodriguez, and Peter H. Ditto.
System-level biases in the production and consumption of information : implications for system resilience and radical change / Erin P. Hennes, Adam J. Hampton, Ezgi Ozgumus, and Thomas J. Hamori.
Ideology and perceptions of inequality / Denise Baron, Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington, Nour Kteily.
Perceptions of gender inequality in academia : reluctance to let go of individual merit ideology / Romy van der Lee and Naomi Ellemers.
Populism as political mentality underlying conspiracy theories / Jan-Willem van Prooijen.
The role of cultural beliefs and existential motivation in suffering perceptions / Daniel Sullivan, Roman Palitsky, and Isaac F. Young.
Direct and indirect influences of political ideology on perceptions of scientific findings / Sean T. Stevens, Lee Jussim, Stephanie M. Anglin, Nathan Honeycutt.
Strategies for promoting strong inferences in political psychology research / Anthony N. Washburn and Linda J. Skitka.
In genes we trust: on the consequences of genetic essentialism / Anita Schmalor and Steven J. Heine.
Post-truth, anti-truth, and can't-handle-the-truth : how responses to science are shaped by concerns about its impact / Robbie M. Sutton, Aino Petterson, & Bastiaan T. Rutjens.