Table of Contents

Front Cover; Beef Cattle Feeding and Nutrition; Copyright Page; Contents; Contributors; Preface to the Second Edition; Preface to the First Edition; In Memoriam; Part I: Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle; Chapter 1. Rumen Physiology and Energy Requirements; Chapter 2. Vitamin Requirements of Beef Cattle; Chapter 3. Mineral Requirements of Beef Cattle; Chapter 4. Protein Requirements of Beef Cattle; Chapter 5. Computer Programming of Beef Cattle Diets; Chapter 6. Processing of Feed Grains; Part II: Feedingstuffs; Chapter 7. Pasture and Forages; Chapter 8. Making Hay and Haylage This new edition of T.W. Perry's classic reference provides updated, new and revised information on the feeding and nutritional requirements of beef cattle from breeding to finishing. All the critical components of diet are dealt with: vitamins, minerals, protein, silage, etc. The different nutritional needs of breeding cattle are also detailed. Thoroughly updated to help ranchers and feedlot managers maximize yield and efficiency, this Second Edition will be on the shelves of all those involved with beef cattle herd management and production. The second edition of this now standard guide adds.