Table of Contents

Implications of antimicrobial agents as therapeutics and growth promoters in food animal production / Patrick Boerlin.
Introduction to bacteriophage biology and diversity / Pieter-Jan Ceyssens and Rob Lavigne.
Phage-based methods for the detection of bacterial pathogens / Mansel W. Griffiths.
Application of bacteriophages to control pathogens in food animal production / Lawrence D. Goodridge.
Bacteriophages for control of phytopathogens in food production systems / Alan J. Castle, Susan M. Lehman, and Antonet M. Svircev.
Potential use of bacteriophages as indicators of water quality and wastewater treatment processes / Juan Jofre and Francisco Lucena.
Application of bacteriophages to control pathogenic and spoilage bacteria in food processing and distribution / Craig Billington, J. Andrew Hudson, and Lynn McIntyre.
Bacteriophage lytic enzymes as antimicrobials / Caren J. Stark [and others].
Lysogenic conversion in bacteria of importance to the food industry / Gail E. Christie [and others].
Bacteriophages in industrial food processing / Simon Labrie and Sylvain Moineau.
Practical and theoretical considerations for the use of bacteriophages in food systems / Jason J. Gill.
Encapsulation and controlled release of bacteriophages for food animal production / Qi Wang and Parviz M. Sabour.
Application of bacteriophages for control of infectious diseases in aquaculture.
Toshihiro nakai.
Control of bacterial diarrhea with phages : coverage and safety issues in bacteriophage therapy / Harald Brüssow.
Industrial and regulatory issues in bacteriophage applications in food production and processing / Gary R. Pasternack and Alexander Sulakvelidze. As food- and waterborne pathogens become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, researchers are turning to bacteriophages as an alternative to keep our food and water supplies safe. This timely book provides a unique comprehensive review of the literature on the application of bacteriophages as therapeutic and prophylactic agents in the food production and processing industries, including food animals, plants, and aquaculture.