Table of Contents

Planning INSET and using the training materials in your setting.
Living with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs): same world, different perspectives.
The impact of the triad of impairments on everyday life.
Sensory issues.
The educational implications of autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs).
Creating an ASD-friendly environment.
Behaviour management.
Pupil participation and peer group awareness.
Working with parents and other professionals.
Planning for transition.
Intervention programmes- TEACCH, PECS and social stories.
Carrying out a school audit and planning for access and inclusion. This resource will be very valuable for professionals planning in-service training to assist settings to develop as Autistic Spectrum Disorder-friendly environments the training would also help all settings become truly inclusive and friendly for all children and young people' - Special Children. A growing number of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are educated in mainstream settings. To support them effectively and maximise their learning potential, it is essential that all school staff fully understand their needs. This complete training package can be delivered during staff me.