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Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Content; Acknowledgements; Figure acknowledgements; 1 Meeting two people on the autistic spectrum; 2 The changing prevalence of autism through history; 3 Measuring the autistic spectrum; 4 Making the diagnosis; 5 The psychology of autism and Asperger syndrome; 6 The biology of autism and Asperger syndrome; 7 Intervention, education, and treatment; Endnotes; Further Reading; Appendix 1 The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ): Adult version; Appendix 2 List of organizations supporting people with autism spectrum conditions and their families, across the world. In this new book Simon Baron-Cohen summarizes the current understanding of autism and Asperger Syndrome. He explains the process of diagnosis, as well as the options for education and intervention for those with these conditions. Taking a lifespan approach, Professor Baron-Cohen considersa how the conditions affect very young children through to adulthood. He also outlines his new Empathizing-Systemizing (ES) theory, which aims to explain all of the psychological features ofautistic-spectrum conditions. This book is designed firstly for people with these conditions and their families. It will b.