Table of Contents

1: Principles of nuclear cardiology imaging.
2: SPECT and PET myocardial perfusion imating: tracers and techniques.
3: Hybrid SPECT/CT and PET/CT imaging.
4: Physiologic and pharmacologic stressors.
5: Quantitation of myocardial perfusion: absolute blood flow versus relative uptake.
6: Assessment of cardiac function: first-pass, equilibrium blood pool, and gated myocardial SPECT.
7: Risk stratification and patient management.
8: Imaging cardiac metabolism.
9: Nuclear investigation in heart failure and myocardial viability.
10: Diagnosis and risk stratification in acute coronary syndromes.
11: Myocardial innervation.
12: Molecular imaging of atheroclerosis. The aim of the 4th edition of the Atlas of Nuclear Cardiology is to provide physicians and students in cardiology, radiology, and nuclear medicine who want the latest information in the field of cardiovascular nuclear medicine up-to-date and comprehensive information on advances in instrumentation, radiotracers, protocols, and clinical studies. Unlike other books that are narrow in their scope of either technology and technique or clinical studies, the 4th edition of the Atlas will present diagnostic algorithms and schematic diagrams integrated with nuclear cardiology procedures generously interspersed with color illustrations to emphasize key concepts in cardiovascular physiology, pathology, and metabolism relevant for the clinical practice of cardiology.