Table of Contents

Anatomy of Male Genitalia.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Inflammatory Disorders.
Pigmentation Disorders.
Benign Neoplastic Disorders.
Malignant Neoplastic Disorders.
Dysembrioplastic Disorders.
Miscellaneous Disorders. Male genital disorders represent a common issue in medical practice, especially in the dermatological setting. Correct clinical evaluation of these disorders is essential when addressing the diagnosis, which in some cases may require histopathological confirmation. Depending on the disease, early diagnosis may be not only lifesaving, but also of fundamental importance to the planning of successful treatment. This atlas introduces the most common penile diseases, along with more rarely encountered ones. It provides invaluable guidance on clinical diagnosis by highlighting prominent clinical features and presenting particular videodermatoscopy findings when these are indicative of the diagnosis. In addition, for each condition the most appropriate treatment is proposed, taking into account recent therapeutic advances of proven benefit.