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This superbly illustrated atlas provides step-by-step descriptions of surgical procedures to the airways based on use of the sheep as an animal model, which has been demonstrated scientifically to be comparable to the human. The procedures covered - tracheotomy, laryngotracheoplasty, slide tracheoplasty, tracheal reconstruction, partial cricotracheal reconstruction, and main endoscopic techniques - are relevant to a range of frequent surgical indications, such as stenosis, laryngotracheomalacia, and tracheal tumor. The book is the first to describe such surgery on the basis of this animal model and includes a full description of preparation of the model. The practical guidance provided will equip surgical trainees with the knowledge required before embarking on these procedures in humans, but will also be highly relevant to more experienced surgeons wishing to upgrade their skills. The book is the outcome of a successful collaboration between the Head and Neck Surgery Departments of the University Hospital of Modena and the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.