Table of Contents

""Preface""; ""Maps""; ""Introduction""; ""Chapter 1. Theoretical assumptions""; ""1. The Prosodic Hierarchy""; ""1.1. Foot structure""; ""1.2. Syllable structure""; ""1.3. Segment structure""; ""2. Status of underspecification in phonology""; ""2.1. McCarthy and Taub (1992)""; ""2.2. Steriade (1995)""; ""2.3. Underspecification and psycholinguistics""; ""3. Summary of the chapter""; ""Chapter 2. An overview of the Miogliola consonants""; ""1. Surface consonants""; ""2. Underlying consonants""; ""3. The glides""; ""4. The ghost consonants""; ""5. The nasal [g]"" ""3.1.Stress assignment""""3.2. Lexical stress""; ""3.3. Mora keeping versus mora losing consonants""; ""3.4. Overview of the metrical system""; ""4. The status of penultimate stress""; ""4.1. Romance Stress""; ""4.2. Italian""; ""4.3. Spanish""; ""4.4. The evolution of penultimate stress from Latin""; ""5. Summary of the chapter""; ""Chapter 4. Vowel patterns before /N/""; ""1. The vowel inventory before /N/""; ""2. The lengthening before intervocalic /N/""; ""3. Ambisyllabicity, not VC.V-syllabification""; ""4. Vowel patterns before /N/ in stressed antepenults"" ""5. Unstressed vowels before /N/""""6. Genovese /N/""; ""7. Summary of the chapter""; ""Chapter 5. An overview of the vowel system in Miogliola""; ""1. Vowel inventories""; ""1.1. Vowels in stressed position""; ""1.2. Reduced vowel inventories""; ""2. Vowel feature specification""; ""2.1. The short vowels""; ""2.2. The long vowels""; ""2.3. Accounting for the reduced inventories""; ""3. Summary of the chapter""; ""Chapter 6. The dorsal vowel /α /""; ""1. Allophonic distribution of the vowel /α /""; ""2. The vowel /α / before the lengthening consonants"" ""5.1. [Å? ] as the fourth nasal phoneme""""5.2. [Å? ] as the fifth placeless consonant""; ""5.3. The Default Variability Hypothesis (DVH): underlyingly placeless /N/, surface placeless [Å? ]""; ""5.4. The other placeless segments and the DVH""; ""5.5. Representing non-alternating [n] as placeless, alternating [n/Å? ] as dorsal""; ""5.6. [Dorsal] as the default feature?""; ""5.7. A full specification approach to Miogliola nasals""; ""6. Miogliola consonant inventory""; ""6.1. Rhotics as the unspecified sonorants: Pignasco""; ""7. Summary of the chapter"" ""Chapter 3. Consonantal prosody and metrical structure""""1. Lengthening and non-lengthening consonants""; ""2. On building metrical structure around stress""; ""2.1. Obligatorily heavy stressed penults (1): vowel lengthening""; ""2.2. Obligatorily heavy stressed penults (2): ambisyllabicity""; ""2.3. The well-formedness of light stressed antepenults""; ""2.4. The building of a moraic trochee""; ""2.5. Stressed penults as heads of a moraic trochee""; ""2.6. Final stress and the rhyme as a constituent""; ""2.7. Stressed antepenults as heads of a moraic trochee""; ""3. On deriving stress""