Table of Contents

Definition and diagnosis of asthma / Sarah Aldington and Richard Beasley.
Epidemiology of asthma / Peter Burney.
Clinical types of asthma / Chris J Corrigan.
Aetiology of asthma / Gwyneth A Davies and Julian M Hopkin.
Common precipitants of asthma exacerbations / Nikolaos G Papadopoulos and Chrysanthi L Skevaki.
Churg-Strauss syndrome / Cesar Picado.
Pathology of asthma / Wim Timens and Nick H T ten Hacken.
Treatment of stable asthma / Dominick Shaw, Pranab Haldar and Ian Pavord.
Assessment and management of patients with acute asthma / Al Ajmi Mubarak, N Behbehani, J M FitzGerald.
Paediatric asthma / Sejal Saglani, Elizabeth Biggart and Andrew Bush. Asthma currently affects more than 150 million people worldwide with almost half of these experiencing symptoms that disrupt their everyday lives. In addition prevalence is rapidly increasing on a global basis, particularly in young children and adults. Astonishingly 180,000 people still lose their lives to asthma each year. Asthma: An Atlas of Investigation and Management is an illustrated textbook and reference for clinicians. Containing 144 full colour pages, this outstanding new volume provides vital visual information on the diagnosis, symptoms and prevention of asthma. Rich with photogra.