Table of Contents

Assessment of adults : an overview.
Common assessment protocols.
Assessment of apraxia of speech (AOS) : resources.
Assessment of apraxia of speech (AOS) : protocols.
Assessment of dysarthria : resources.
Assessment of dysarthria : protocols.
Assessment of aphasia : resources.
Assessment of aphasia : protocols.
Assessment of right hemisphere syndrome (RHS) : resources.
Assessment of right hemisphere syndrome (RHS) : protocols.
Assessment of dementia : resources.
Assessment of dementia : protocols.
Assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) : resources.
Assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) : protocols.
Assessment of fluency disorders : resources.
Assessment of fluency disorders : protocols.
Assessment of voice : resources.
Assessment of voice : protocols. While combining scholarly information needed for academic courses and practical tools for clinical assessment set of common assessment resources and protocols. Covers the full range of communication disorders in adults, from aphasia to voice disorders. Gives a comprehensive outline of basic assessment procedures. Provides a set of protocols that are necessary to assess any communication disorder in adults. Addresses the multicultural issues in assessing communication disorders in adults and offers an integrated assessment approach that includes the most desirable features of the traditional and several alternative approaches. Contains two chapters for each disorder; one on resources that offers scholarly and research background on the disorder and one on resources that describe practical procedures and protocols that save preparation time and effort for the clinician. Has been designed as both a textbook as well as an assessment resource book. Includes a CD of test protocols.