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This volume was prepared to honour Professor Elissaveta Bozilova on the occasion of her 70th anniversary, and in recognition of her substantial contribution to the development of modern palynological and Quaternary palaeoecological studies in Bulgaria. The book is a compilation of 15 papers by European, North American and Asian palynologists and palaeoecologists with whom Professor Bozilova has kept close scientific contact for many years. One group of papers covers various aspects of palynology and inferences drawn from pollen-based research. The other group deals with palaeocological case studies from selected areas of Europe, starting from the Scandinavian countries in the north, and ending in the south-east, the Balkan peninsula. For this latter area new detailed information related to the postglacial vegetation development, climate change, environmental history and human impact is provided. The book will be of use to scientists working in the fields of palynology, palaeoecology, palaeogeography, geology, climatology, archaeology and forestry.