Table of Contents

What is an upper lid crease?.
Historical considerations.
Comparative anatomy of the eyelids.
The eyelid crease : goals and benchmarks.
Consultation and counseling.
Suture ligation methods.
External incision methods.
Asian blepharoplasty I : the first vector.
Asian blepharoplasty II : the second vector.
Asian blepharoplasty III : factors that influence outcome.
Concept of triangular, trapezoidal and rectangular debulking.
application in upper blepharoplasty.
Optimal closure and management of wound healing.
Primary Asian blepharoplasty results (before and after).
Suboptimal factors.
Revision parameters.
Revisions in suboptimal cases.
Advanced concept of a glide zone as it relates to upper lid crease, lid fold and application in Asian blepharoplasty.
Advanced: beveled approach and mid-lamellar clearance in revisional Asian blepharoplasty.
Advanced: angle of observation, crease height and its effects on clinical outcome of upper blepharoplasty.
Advanced: the concept of tarsal tilt: its effects in normal and abnormal clinical conditions.
Advanced: effect of high anchoring of the crease, Faden-like effect and use of buried sutures.
Advanced: summary of eyelid crease factors.
Advanced concept of the eyelid crease as a stringed series of unipoints.
Asian eyelid surgery : my thoughts.
Treatment of medial upper lid fold and the fog surrounding epicanthoplasty.
Novel technique, challenges and outlook for the future in aesthetic surgery of the Asian eyelid.
Pre-1952 Japanese literature on cosmetic eyelid surgery (in Japanese).
Modern literature on Asian eyelid surgery (in English).
Recent literature (1998-2014) on Asian eyelid surgery (in English).
Recent literature on epicanthoplasty (in English).
Aesthetic effects of Asian blepharoplasty.
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