Table of Contents

The sum of its parts : an introduction to modern histories of prosthetics / Katherine Ott.
Engineering masculinity : veterans and prosthetics after World War Two / David Serlin.
Re-arming the disabled veteran : artificially rebuilding state and society in World War One Germany / Heather R. Perry.
From cotton to silicone : breast prosthesis before 1950 / Kirsten E. Gardner.
"How a one-legged rebel lives" : Confederate veterans and artificial limbs in Virginia / Jennifer Davis McDaid.
Hard wear and soft tissue : craft and commerce in artificial eyes / Katherine Ott.
Modern miracles : the development of cosmetic prosthetics / Elizabeth Haiken.
Casing the joint : the material development of artificial hips / Alex Faulkner.
"There's no language for this" : communication and alignment in contemporary prosthetics / Steven Kurzman.
The prosthetics of management : motion study, photography, and the industrialized body in World War I America / Elspeth Brown.
"A limb which shall be presentable in polite society" : prosthetic technologies in the nineteenth century / Stephen Mihm.
The long arm of Benjamin Franklin / David Waldstreicher.
Technology sits cross-legged : developing the Jaipur foot prothesis / Raman Srinivasan. From the wooden teeth of George Washington to the Bly prosthesis, popular in the 1860s and boasting easy uniform motions of the limb, to today's lifelike approximations, prosthetic devices reveal the extent to which the evolution and design of technologies of the body are intertwined with both the practical and subjective needs of human beings. The peculiar history of prosthetic devices sheds light on the relationship between technological change and the civilizing process of modernity, and analyzes the concrete materials of prosthetics which carry with them ideologies of body, ideals, body po.