Delineating the genotypic and phenotypic spectrum of HECW2-related neurodevelopmental disorders

Added 45 days ago (27.06.2022)
Authors: Acharya, A., Kavus, H., Dunn, P., Nasir, A., Folk, L., Withrow, K., Wentzensen, I. M., Ruzhnikov, M. R. Z., Fallot, C., Smol, T., Rama, M., Brown, K., Whalen, S., Ziegler, A., Barth, M., Chassevent, A., Smith-Hicks, C., Afenjar, A., Courtin, T., Heide, S., Font-Montgomery, E., Heid, C., Hamm, J. A., Love, D. R., Thabet, F., Misra, V. K., Cunningham, M., Leal, S. M., Jarvela, I., Normand, E. A., Zou, F., Helal, M., Keren, B., Torti, E., Chung, W. K., Schrauwen, I.
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