Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of dynamic bracing versus standard care alone in patients suffering from osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: protocol for a multicentre, two-armed, parallel-group randomised controlled trial with 12 mont

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Authors: Weber, A., Huysmans, S. M. D., van Kuijk, S. M. J., Evers, S. M. A. A., Jutten, E. M. C., Senden, R., Paulus, A. T. G., van den Bergh, J. P. W., de Bie, R. A., Merk, J. M. R., Bours, S. P. G., Hulsbosch, M., Janssen, E. R. C., Curfs, I., van Hemert, W. L. W., Schotanus, M. G. M., de Baat, P., Schepel, N. C., den Boer, W. A., Hendriks, J. G. E., Liu, W.-Y., Kleuver, M. d., Pouw, M. H., van Hooff, M. L., Jacobs, E., Willems, P. C. P. H.
Journal: BMJ Open
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