Profiling Mouse Brown and White Adipocytes to Identify Metabolically Relevant Small ORFs and Functional Microproteins

Added 148 days ago (14.03.2022)
Authors: Martinez, T. F., Lyons-Abbott, S., Bookout, A. L., Donaldson, C., Vaughan, J. M., Lau, C., Abramov, A., Baquero, A. F., Baquero, K., Friedrich, D., Huard, J., Davis, R., Kim, B., Koch, T., Mercer, A. J., Misquith, A., Murray, S. A., Perry, S., Pino, L. K., Sanford, C., Simon, A., Zhang, Y., Zipp, G., Shokhirev, M. N., Whittle, A. J., Searle, B. C., MacCoss, M. J., Saghatelian, A., Barnes, C. A.
Source: bioRxiv
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