Ventilation management and outcomes in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a protocol for a preplanned secondary analysis of the TTM2 trial

Added 117 days ago (03.03.2022)
Authors: Robba, C., Nielsen, N., Dankiewicz, J., Badenes, R., Battaglini, D., Ball, L., Brunetti, I., Pedro David, W.-G., Young, P., Eastwood, G., Chew, M. S., Jakobsen, J., Unden, J., Thomas, M., Joannidis, M., Nichol, A., Lundin, A., Hollenberg, J., Lilja, G., Hammond, N. E., Saxena, M., Martin, A., Solar, M., Taccone, F. S., Friberg, H. A., Pelosi, P.
Journal: BMJ Open
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