Crest maturation at the cardiomyocyte surface contributes to a new late postnatal development stage that controls the diastolic function of the adult heart

Added 189 days ago (11.02.2022)
Authors: karsenty, c., frugier, c., GENET, G., SEGUELAS, M.-H., Alzieu, P., Cazorla, O., Montagner, A., Blum, Y., Dubroca, c., Maupoint, J., Tramunt, B., Cauquil, M., Sulpice, T., Richard, S., Arcucci, S., Flores-Flores, R., Pataluch, N., Montoriol, R., Sicard, P., Deney, A., Couffinhal, T., Senard, J.-M., Gales, C.
Source: bioRxiv
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