Implementing the 27 PRISMA 2020 Statement items for systematic reviews in the sport and exercise medicine, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports science fields: the PERSiST (implementing Prisma in Exercise, Rehabilitation, Sport medicine and Spor

Added 144 days ago (02.02.2022)
Authors: Ardern, C. L., Büttner, F., Andrade, R., Weir, A., Ashe, M. C., Holden, S., Impellizzeri, F. M., Delahunt, E., Dijkstra, H. P., Mathieson, S., Rathleff, M. S., Reurink, G., Sherrington, C., Stamatakis, E., Vicenzino, B., Whittaker, J. L., Wright, A. A., Clarke, M., Moher, D., Page, M. J., Khan, K. M., Winters, M.
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