Protocol for a single-centre mixed-method pre-post single-arm feasibility trial of a culturally appropriate 6-week pulmonary rehabilitation programme among adults with functionally limiting chronic respiratory diseases in Malawi

Added 192 days ago (01.02.2022)
Authors: Bickton, F. M., Mankhokwe, T., Nightingale, R., Fombe, C., Mitengo, M., Mwahimba, L., Lipita, W., Wilde, L., Pina, I., Yusuf, Z. K., Ahmed, Z., Kamponda, M., Limbani, F., Shannon, H., Chisati, E., Barton, A., Free, R. C., Steiner, M., Matheson, J. A., Manise, A., Singh, S. J., Rylance, J., Orme, M.
Journal: BMJ Open
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