Problems with evidence assessment in COVID-19 health policy impact evaluation: a systematic review of study design and evidence strength

Added 125 days ago (11.01.2022)
Authors: Haber, N. A., Clarke-Deelder, E., Feller, A., Smith, E. R., Salomon, J. A., MacCormack-Gelles, B., Stone, E. M., Bolster-Foucault, C., Daw, J. R., Hatfield, L. A., Fry, C. E., Boyer, C. B., Ben-Michael, E., Joyce, C. M., Linas, B. S., Schmid, I., Au, E. H., Wieten, S. E., Jarrett, B., Axfors, C., Nguyen, V. T., Griffin, B. A., Bilinski, A., Stuart, E. A.
Journal: BMJ Open
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