Using nasal povidone-iodine to prevent bloodstream infections and transmission of Staphylococcus aureus among haemodialysis patients: a stepped-wedge cluster randomised control trial protocol

Added 50 days ago (03.12.2021)
Authors: Racila, A.-M., O'Shea, A. M. J., Nair, R., Dukes, K., Herwaldt, L. A., Boyken, L., Diekema, D., Ward, M. A., Cobb, J., Jacob, J., Pegues, D., Bleasdale, S., Vijayan, A., Mutneja, A., Fraer, M., O'Connell-Moore, D., Tolomeo, P., Mendez, M., Jaworski, E., Schweizer, M. L.
Journal: BMJ Open
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