OxPhos Dysfunction Causes Hypermetabolism and Reduces Lifespan in Cells and in Patients with Mitochondrial Diseases

Added 54 days ago (30.11.2021)
Authors: Sturm, G., Karan, K. R., Santhanham, B. S., Taivassalo, T., Bris, C., Duplaga, S. A., Cross, M., Towheed, A., Higgins-Chen, A. T., McManus, M. J., Cardenas, A., Lin, J., Epel, E. S., Rahman, S., Vissing, J., Grassi, B., Levine, M., Horvath, S., Haller, R. G., Lenaers, G., Wallace, D. C., Tavazoie, S., Procaccio, V., Kaufman, B. A., Seifert, E., Hirano, M., Monzel, A., Picard, M.
Source: bioRxiv
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