Increased levels of soluble fms‐like tyrosine kinase‐1 are associated with adverse outcomes in pregnant women with COVID‐19

Added 39 days ago (20.10.2021)
Authors: J. Torres‐Torres, S. Espino‐y‐Sosa, L. C. Poon, J. M. Solis‐Paredes, G. Estrada‐Gutierrez, A. Espejel‐Nuñez, A. Juarez‐Reyes, A. Etchegaray‐Solana, Y. Alfonso‐Guillen, L. Aguilar‐Andrade, J. A. Hernández‐Pacheco, J. R. Villafan‐Bernal, R. J. Martinez‐Portilla
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