Self-renewing tissue-resident endothelial-macrophage progenitor cells originate from yolk sac and are a local source of inflammation and neovascularization in postnatal aorta

Added 48 days ago (19.10.2021)
Authors: Williamson, A., Toledo-Flores, D., Liyanage, S., Hassanshahi, M., Dimasi, C., Schwarz, N., Fernando, S., Salagaras, T., Long, A., Di Bartolo, B. A., Kazenwadel, J., Harvey, N. L., Drummond, G. R., Vinh, A., Chandrakanthan, V., Misra, A., Tan, J. T. M., Bonder, C. S., Nicholls, S. J., Bursill, C. A., Psaltis, P. J.
Source: bioRxiv
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