Macroevolutionary consequences of mast seeding

Added 41 days ago (18.10.2021)
Authors: Esther E. Dale Jessie J. Foest Andrew Hacket-Pain Michał Bogdziewicz Andrew J. Tanentzap 1Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, Dunedin, New Zealand 2Ecosystems and Global Change Group, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 3EA, UK 3Department of Geography and Planning, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK 4Department of Systematic Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 6, Poznań 61-614, Poland 5INRAE, LESSEM, University Grenoble Alpes, Saint-Martin-d'Heres, France
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