Study protocol: the ear-nose-throat (ENT) prospective international cohort of patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia (EPIC-PCD)

Added 222 days ago (11.10.2021)
Authors: Goutaki, M., Lam, Y. T., Alexandru, M., Anagiotos, A., Armengot, M., Bequignon, E., Boon, M., Burgess, A., Coste, A., Emiralioglu, N., Erdem, E., Haarman, E. G., Harris, A., Hool, S.-L., Karadag, B., Kim, S., Latzin, P., Lorent, N., Ozcelik, U., Reula, A., Roehmel, J., van Gogh, C., Yiallouros, P., Zappe, S. M., On behalf of the EPIC-PCD team, Papon, J. F.
Journal: BMJ Open
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