Efficacy and Safety of Therapeutic-Dose Heparin vs Standard Prophylactic or Intermediate-Dose Heparins for Thromboprophylaxis in High-risk Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19: The HEP-COVID Randomized Clinical Trial

Added 61 days ago (08.10.2021)
Authors: Alex C Spyropoulos; Mark Goldin; Dimitrios Giannis; Wassim Diab; Janice Wang; Sameer Khanijo; Andrea Mignatti; Eugenia Gianos; Marc Cohen; Gulru Sharifova; Jeet M Lund; Alfonso Tafur; Paul A Lewis; Kevin P Cohoon; Husneara Rahman; Cristina P Sison; Martin L Lesser; Kanta Ochani; Nirav Agrawal; Judith Hsia; Victoria E Anderson; Marc Bonaca; Jonathan L Halperin; Jeffrey I Weitz; HEP-COVID Investigators
Source: Lund, J(uha)
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