Biallelic variants of ATP13A3 cause dose-dependent childhood-onset pulmonary arterial hypertension characterised by extreme morbidity and mortality

Added 86 days ago (07.09.2021)
Authors: Machado, R., Welch, C. L., Haimel, M., Bleda, M., Colglazier, E., Coulson, J. D., Debeljak, M., Ekstein, J., Fineman, J. R., Golden, W. C., Griffin, E. L., Hadinnapola, C., Harris, M. A., Hirsch, Y., Hoover-Fong, J., Nogee, L., Romer, L. H., Vesel, S., Graf, S., Morrell, N., Southgate, L., Chung, W.
Journal: JMG Online
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