Correction: Cost-effectiveness of bariatric surgery and non-surgical weight management programmes for adults with severe obesity: a decision analysis model

Added 100 days ago (26.08.2021)
Authors: D. Boyers; L. Retat; E. Jacobsen; A. Avenell; P. Aveyard; E. Corbould; A. Jaccard; D. Cooper; C. Robertson; M. Aceves-Martins; B. Xu; Z. Skea; M. de Bruin; Elisabet Jacobsen; Dwayne Boyers; David Cooper; Lise Retat; Paul Aveyard; Fiona Stewart; Graeme MacLennan; Laura Webber; Emily Corbould; Benshuai Xu; Abbygail Jaccard; Bonnie Boyle; Eilidh Duncan; Michal Shimonovich; Cynthia Fraser; Lara Kemp
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