Genome sequencing of 196 Treponema pallidum strains from six continents reveals additional variability in vaccine candidate genes and dominance of Nichols clade strains in Madagascar

Added 108 days ago (18.08.2021)
Authors: Lieberman, N. A., Lin, M. J., Xie, H., Shretha, L., Nguyen, T., Huang, M.-L., Haynes, A. M., Romeis, E., Wang, Q.-Q., Zhang, R.-L., Kou, C.-X., Ciccarese, G., Dal Conte, I., Cusini, M., Drago, F., Nakayama, S.-i., Lee, K., Ohnishi, M., Konda, K. A., Vargas, S. K., Eguiluz, M., Caceres, C., Klausner, J. D., Mitja, O., Rompalo, A., Mulcahy, F., Hook, E. W., Lukehart, S., Casto, A. M., Roychoudhury, P., DiMaio, F., Giacani, L., Greninger, A. L.
Source: bioRxiv
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