Islet Autoimmunity and HLA Markers of Presymptomatic and Clinical Type 1 Diabetes: Joint Analyses of Prospective Cohort Studies in Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the U.S.

Added 160 days ago (24.06.2021)
Authors: Anand, V.; Li, Y.; Liu, B.; Ghalwash, M.; Koski, E.; Ng, K.; Dunne, J. L.; Jönsson, J.; Winkler, C.; Knip, M.; Toppari, J.; Ilonen, J.; Killian, M. B.; Frohnert, B. I.; Lundgren, M.; Ziegler, A.-G.; Hagopian, W.; Veijola, R.; Rewers, M.; for the T1DI Study Group
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