Structure and computation-guided design of a mutation-integrated trimeric RBD candidate vaccine with broad neutralization against SARS-CoV-2

Added 44 days ago (19.06.2021)
Authors: Liang, Y., Zhang, J., Yuan, R. Y., Wang, M. Y., He, P., Su, J. G., Han, Z. B., Jin, Y. Q., Hou, J. W., Zhang, H., Zhang, X. F., Shao, S., Hou, Y. N., Liu, Z. M., Du, L. F., Shen, F. J., Zhou, W. M., Tang, F., Lei, Z. H., Liu, S., Zhen, W., Wu, J. J., Zheng, X., Liu, N., Chen, S., Ma, Z. J., Zheng, F., Ren, S. Y., Hu, Z. Y., Wu, G. Z., Huang, W. J., Ke, C. W., Li, Q. M.
Source: bioRxiv
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