Impaired α-tubulin re-tyrosination leads to synaptic dysfunction and is a feature of Alzheimer's disease

Added 414 days ago (17.05.2021)
Authors: Peris, L., Qu, X., Soleilhac, J.-M., Parato, J., Lante, F., Kumar, A., Pero, M. E., Martinez-Hernandez, J., Corrao, C., Falivelli, G., Payet, F., Gory-Faure, S., Bosc, C., Blanca Ramirez, M., Sproul, A., Brocard, J., Di Cara, B., Delagrange, P., Buisson, A., Goldberg, Y., Moutin, M.-J., Bartolini, F., Andrieux, A.
Source: bioRxiv
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