Imaging active site chemistry and protonation states: NMR crystallography of the tryptophan synthase α-aminoacrylate intermediate

Added 158 days ago (15.05.2021)
Authors: Holmes, J. B., Liu, V., Caulkins, B. G., Hilario, E., Ghosh, R. K., Drago, V. N., Young, R. P., Romero, J., Gill, A. D., Bogie, P. M., Paulino, J., Wang, X., Riviere, G., Bosken, Y. K., Struppe, J., Hassan, A., Guidoulianov, J., Perrone, B., Chang, C.-e. A., Vigier, F. M.-, Long, J. R., Hooley, R. J., Mueser, T. C., Dunn, M. F., Mueller, L. J.
Source: bioRxiv
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