Study protocol and statistical analysis plan for the Liberal Glucose Control in Critically Ill Patients with Pre-existing Type 2 Diabetes (LUCID) trial

Added 224 days ago (28.04.2021)
Authors: Alexis P Poole; Mark E Finnis; James Anstey; Rinaldo Bellomo; Shailesh Bihari; Vishwanath Biradar; Sarah Doherty; Glenn Eastwood; Simon Finfer; Craig J French; Angaj Ghosh; Simon Heller; Michael Horowitz; Palash Kar; Peter S Kruger; Matthew J Maiden; Johan Mårtensson; Colin J McArthur; Shay P McGuinness; Paul J Secombe; Antony E Tobin; Andrew A Udy; Paul J Young; Adam M Deane; LUCID Study Investigators; ANZICS Clinical Trials Group
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