Electronic Health Record–Embedded Individualized Pain Plans for Emergency Department Treatment of Vaso-occlusive Episodes in Adults With Sickle Cell Disease: Protocol for a Preimplementation and Postimplementation Study

Added 476 days ago (28.04.2021)
Authors: Lingzi Luo; Allison A King; Yvonne Carroll; Ana A Baumann; Donald Brambilla; Christopher R Carpenter; Joseph Colla; Robert W Gibson; Siera Gollan; Greg Hall; Lisa Klesges; Abdullah Kutlar; Matthew Lyon; Cathy L Melvin; Sarah Norell; Martina Mueller; Michael B Potter; Rachel Richesson; Lynne D Richardson; Gery Ryan; Lauren Siewny; Marsha Treadwell; Leslie Zun; Janelle Armstrong-Brown; Lisa Cox; Paula Tanabe
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