Uncovering Clinically Relevant Gene Fusions with Integrated Genomic and Transcriptomic Profiling of Metastatic Cancers

Added 242 days ago (19.01.2021)
Authors: Tsang, E. S., Grisdale, C. J., Pleasance, E., Topham, J. T., Mungall, K., Reisle, C., Choo, C., Carreira, M., Bowlby, R., Karasinska, J. M., MacMillan, D., Williamson, L. M., Chuah, E., Moore, R. A., Mungall, A. J., Zhao, Y., Tessier-Cloutier, B., Ng, T., Sun, S., Lim, H. J., Schaeffer, D. F., Renouf, D. J., Yip, S., Laskin, J., Marra, M. A., Jones, S. J. M., Loree, J. M.
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