Genomic Aberrations and Late Recurrence in Postmenopausal Women with Hormone Receptor-positive Early Breast Cancer: Results from the SOLE Trial

Added 250 days ago (19.01.2021)
Authors: Guerini-Rocco, E., Gray, K. P., Fumagalli, C., Reforgiato, M. R., Leone, I., Rafaniello Raviele, P., Munzone, E., Kammler, R., Neven, P., Hitre, E., Jerusalem, G., Simoncini, E., Gombos, A., Deleu, I., Karlsson, P., Aebi, S., Chirgwin, J., Di Lauro, V., Thompson, A., Graas, M.-P., Barber, M., Fontaine, C., Loibl, S., Gavila, J., Kuroi, K., Müller, B., OReilly, S., Di Leo, A., Goldhirsch, A., Viale, G., Barberis, M., Regan, M. M., Colleoni, M.
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