Safety and feasibility evaluation of planning and execution of surgical revascularisation solely based on coronary CTA and FFRCT in patients with complex coronary artery disease: study protocol of the FASTTRACK CABG study

Added 562 days ago (10.12.2020)
Authors: Kawashima, H., Pompilio, G., Andreini, D., Bartorelli, A. L., Mushtaq, S., Ferrari, E., Maisano, F., Buechel, R. R., Tanaka, K., La Meir, M., De Mey, J., Schneider, U., Doenst, T., Teichgräber, U., Stone, G. W., Sharif, F., de Winter, R., Thomsen, B., Taylor, C., Rogers, C., Leipsic, J., Wijns, W., Onuma, Y., Serruys, P. W.
Journal: BMJ Open
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