Host Retromer Protein Sorting Nexin 2 Interacts with Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Structural Proteins and is Required for Efficient Viral Production

Added 650 days ago (27.10.2020)
Authors: Cardoso, R. S., Tavares, L. A., Jesus, B. L. S., Criado, M. F., de Carvalho, A. N., Souza, J. d. P., Bedi, S., de Souza, M. M., Silva, M. L., Lanfredi, G. P., Vitti, B. C., Scudero, O. B., Faca, V. M., Ono, A., Ventura, A. M., daSilva, L. L. P., Arruda, E., Moscona, A.
Journal: mBio
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