SRF-MYOCD axis is the targetable driver of a well differentiated aggressive subtype of leiomyosarcomas

Added 34 days ago (24.10.2020)
Authors: Darbo, E., Perot, G., Darmusey, L., Le Guellec, S., Leroy, L., Gaston, L., Desplat, N., Thebault, N., Merle, C., Rochaix, P., Valentin, T., Ferron, G., Chevreau, C., Bui, B., Stoeckle, E., Ranchere-Vince, D., Meeus, P., Terrier, P., Piperno-Neumann, S., Colin, F., De Pinieux, G., Duffaud, F., Coindre, J.-M., Blay, J.-Y., Chibon, F.
Source: bioRxiv
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