The epidemiology and estimated etiology of pathogens detected from the upper respiratory tract of adults with severe acute respiratory infections in multiple countries, 2014–2015

Added 413 days ago (19.10.2020)
Authors: Jennifer Milucky; Tracy Pondo; Christopher J. Gregory; Danielle Iuliano; Sandra S. Chaves; John McCracken; Adel Mansour; Yuzhi Zhang; Mohammad Abdul Aleem; Bernard Wolff; Brett Whitaker; Toni Whistler; Clayton Onyango; Maria Renee Lopez; Na Liu; Mohammed Ziaur Rahman; Nong Shang; Jonas Winchell; Malinee Chittaganpitch; Barry Fields; Herberth Maldonado; Zhiping Xie; Stephen Lindstrom; Katherine Sturm-Ramirez; Joel Montgomery; Kai-Hui Wu; Chris A. Van Beneden; the Adult TAC Working Group
Journal: PLoS ONE
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